Asset Management

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BBSPL’s Providers helps in automating all the processes related to asset transfers, inventory, reconciliation, allocation, depreciation & retirement. It is an enterprise grade software which not only digitize asset data but also tracks the location, reconciles with asset register. Our Asset Tracking Solution uses Barcode / RFID technology for tracking and identification of assets. Assets are scanned along with location with the help of mobile computer and details are registered in the system.

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Product Features

  • Asset Master
  • Opening Asset
  • Import Asset Register
  • Print Barcode / RFID Labels
  • Physical Verification
  • Asset Issue
  • Asset Transfer
  • Asset Expenditure
  • Asset Scrap
  • Asset Sale
  • Asset Service
  • Asset AMC
  • Depreciation Calculation
  • Track asset information
Key Benefits:
  • Faster and Smoother transaction for assets, giving real time location
  • Fast, Effective Asset Audit and Reconciliation
  • Reduces Malpractices
  • Internal Control Over Assets
  • Better ROIs form Assets
  • Analytics for Better Decision Making
  • Centralized Monitoring of Assets