Pharma & Healthcare

The Healthcare industry is changing rapidly with prime focus on delivering improved quality of healthcare. Making life better for patients and healthcare professionals can be achieved via Traceability solution by improving admission process, tracking medication & identifying patients during and post stay. Using barcoded wristbands tied to patients, healthcare professionals can view all the records and medical history of the patient. Also, the same technology can be used for other processes such as blood bank management, bed management & sample management.

Pharma industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With stringent manufacturing process and quality control requirement, it is one of the most regulated industries in the world. For any pharma product exported from India, DGFT issued a public notice for implementing track and trace system using barcoding as per GS1 standards. Our Pharma solutions enables aggregation & serialization in the packing process which in managing recalls, reducing counterfeit, and achieving timely dispatch by controlling supply chain operations.

Solutions offered for Healthcare Industry: Solutions offered for Pharma Industry:
· Sample Management · Store Management
· Blood Bank Management · WIP Tracking
· Drug Management · DGFT Solution
· Patient Identification · Raw Material to Finished Goods Tracking
· FIFO Management
· Weighing Scale Management