Track and Trace

Track & Trace solution: BBSPL is a Track and Trace Barcode solution provider Company for Track & Trace software, barcode Track and Trace system, barcode location tracking, Track & Trace barcode scanner.

Track & Trace is primarily meant for Pharma Industry. In Pharma Industry, this solution involves suppliers and exporters of pharmaceutical products to fix a 2D Data Matrix Barcode on their products to implement tracking and tracing of the same. This solution is known as E-Pedigree in Pharma, wherein E-Pedigree is an electronic document of a statement of origin that identifies each sale, purchase or trade of drug, including date, name and address of those transactions.

BBSPL Provides barcode location tracking , barcode track and trace software system, Track & Trace barcode scanner, Track and Trace solution provider.

In this industry all the medicines packaging e.g. vile, bottles (Primary Level Packing), Inner box (Secondary Level Packaging), Outer carton (Tertiary Packaging), Pallet & Shrink Rap should contain E-Pedigree. In this solution we fix a 2D Data Matrix Barcode on every packaging level.

2D Data Matrix contains the following:

  • Serial Number
  • GTIN
  • Expiry Date
  • Batch Number

At all the levels of Packaging, i.e. Primary Level Packaging, Secondary Level Packaging & Tertiary Level Packaging, the following solution is implemented: