Internet of Things (IOT) is nothing but an ecosystem of connected objects than can be accessed through internet. We offer wide range of services and solutions that helps in enabling a connected environment. The solutions are offered for various industries including Apparel, Retail, Logistics, Smart Cities, & Automotive. BBSPL Provides iot technology in india, iot solutions, iot solutions in india, iot solution providers in india, iot based companies in india , iot companies in bangalore, iot aidc solutions, iot in manufacturing, IoT aidc solution in india, best iot companies in india, iot product manufacturer in india, what is iot, iot beacon solution, best iot solutions, iot automation, iot in india, iot companies in india, iot automation solution.

Some of our key offerings in IOT domain are:

  • Customized Smart Devices
  • Beacon solutions
  • Smart Camera Vision Solutions
  • Sensor based solutions
  • Micro Location Management