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Smart Factory
Industry 4.0


We have professional team, including specialists who have influent experience in researching and producing Smart factory systems & Smart factory solutions. We always take the lead in importing advanced and professional Smart factory devices and implementing strict quality control. High quality and excellent service and good reputation ensure us as leader of smart manufacturing.

We imported the most advanced smart manufacturing. The greatest effort makes us the most competitive in smart manufacturing ability, factory solutions, factory systems and Industrial Automation, etc. We are able to provide competitive prices and excellent product quality.

Proposed Solution

The growth in vehicles will lead to increased traffic problem in the coming future!

Smart factory systems


Reduce Downtime

Reduce Downtime by instantly and automatically alerting engineers and analyzing trends of reasons of downtime collected automatically.

Realtime monitoring

Realtime monitoring of Actual Vs Target Production on the bases of Production order or Purchase order thus predicting and saving delayed shipments.

Predict and alert

Predict and alert breakdown and downtime by machine learning even before it happen.

Reduce Manpower

Reduce Manpower needed for manual data entry of periodic time checks, preparing production report, uploading on SAP etc.

Reduce Maintenance

Reduce Maintenance cost by automatic monitoring of usage and wear & tear of all the machines.

Reduce Calibration and Servicing

*Reduce Calibration and Servicing cost by automatic monitoring of usage and wear & tear of all tools and equipments.

*Predict machine, parts and equipment failure by machine learning.

Improved Quality

Improved Quality Checks thus reducing scrap

Automatic and realtime

Automatic and realtime Six Sigma analysis, CP CPK Charts of all parameter values

Realtime Alerts

Realtime Alerts

Generate alerts based on LSL and USL

Realtime Dashboard

Realtime Dashboard

Show data of each parameter in realtime dashboard

Data Logging

Data Logging

Save actual values of each parameter in every second

Equipment Tracking

Equipment Tracking

Using RTLS Beacons track exact movement and current location of equipments and tools

Smart factory solutions

NO NC Switch

Pulse Counter

Level Sensor

Temp & Humidity Sensor

Flow Meter

Power Meter

RPM etc of Motor


Cooling Fans

Logs in Excel or Txt etc


Screen Recorders

Digital or Analogue Output in Volts or Amp

Predictive Maintenance leads to less maintenance activity, which means losses due to unplanned shutsowns.

Knowing more about the behaviour of machines and equipment leads to creating conditions that improve performance while maintaining machine health. Predicting RUL does away with “unpleasant surprises” that cause unplanned downtime.

through efficient inventory management and a well monitored and synchronized production flow. This leads to improved cash flows.

Providing continuous actionable insights to constantly raise product quality & Track rejections by monitoring the process and parameters.

collaboration improving employee safety conditions and boosting overall efficiency

Smart factory software
Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation, we have been devoting itself to developing and manufacturing Smart factory software & Smart factory systems. industry 4.0, To provide all kinds of Smart factory devices & Smart factory software extensively for the clients all over the world, we are always absorbed in advanced technology, high quality, and stable performance to develop and manufacture Smart factory devices such as Smart factory systems, Smart factory devices, Smart factory industry 4.0.

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customized connecting to PLC software & collecting data

smart manufacturing