Work in Progress

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WIP is based on Automatic Identification and Data Capture Technologies for effectively and efficiently tracking the flow of assemblies, material and products. The scope of human intervention in day to day operation can be reduced with the help of Barcoding set up in the WIP process:

  • Each workstation is connected with a Barcode Scanner
  • Each Assembly line & its products are affixed with Barcodes which are scanned are numerous stages of the production process
  • In case of smaller products, a barcoded work order moves along the assembly line
  • Different operations are listed and scanned at all the stages
  • After the process is over Work order no., Operation ID & Employee ID is scanned

BBSPL Provides WIP Management , work in progress solutions provider, barcode based work in progress solution.

BBSPL’s work in progress in India has a real time Dashboard & reporting of the data collected from various stages, which helps in achieving better quality control, visibility, predictability and high efficiency. Our System allows complete tracking, making parent child relationship, verifying, consuming & identifying the material which covers:

WIP solutions