BI Analytics / Dashboards

Data is increasing every day in a huge number. So much of data is there to store and it is therefore reaching in different directions. This data is so much diversified that enterprises find it difficult to control this magnitude of data.

The data is unstructured and raw, available from internal and external sources, we our intelligence to gather, analyse and manage the data. Our analysis and presentation of data helps enterprises in making effective decisions for best business practices.

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An analytics solution helps in fact-based decision making:

  • Customer Analytics: It helps in understanding customer’s preferences.
  • Marketing Analytics: It helps in quantifying the success of marketing activities, identifying market trends, etc.
  • Sales Analytics: It helps to check accounts, latest opportunity and wins, and more.
  • Performance Analytics: It helps to conduct actual/plan analysis, monitor individual and departmental metrics, and more
  • Financial Analysis: It helps in solving tasks like cash flow and working capital management, and more.

Benefits of using BBSPL’s analytics dashboards solution:

  • Improved Integration in Planning Activities
  • Comprehensive Analytics View
  • Interconnecting Departments
  • Improved Execution
  • Improved Demand Forecast