The original design of Postek TX Series has been taken into account various elements that define an industrial printer: handling ability and memory, media compatibility and loading capacity, speed and performance, printing effect, interface, and optional items. We always take the challenge to achieve the most advanced and appropriate design for each part, as well as the integration that is proved to be an outstanding product.

The metal-framed composition carries all advanced techniques that function in actual performance, producing flash-speed, steady and reliable printing, remarkable print quality, smart and intelligent solution, and compatibility with popular printer control languages.

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Postek TX series can meet your printing needs of stability and reliability, as well as flash-speed and premium performance. The powerful CPU capacity and rugged parts work together to achieve the optimal outcome and significantly increased print efficiency. Fixed chassis frame and metal construction fulfils strong structure that supports heavy printing workloads. TX Series can automatically detect and support popular printer control languages (e.g PPL-E, PPL-Z) to accommodate the ease of replacing other mainstream brand printers.


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