First of all, Introducing the new Postek (Postek EM 210 series,desktop barcode printer, Postek Printers in India, RFID Barcode Printer, label barcode printer) the industrial grade performance in a sleek and concise profile. Also the small printer body with high media volume combined with industrial level performance, making the EM series the perfect blend between simple design and sophisticated interpretation. Designed with the full user-experience in mind, the EM series broke the stereotype with the built-in exterior media stand, making it perfect for high printing volume applications in limited space.

In the compact body of the EM 210 series, our strive for ease of use can be found around every corner. With designs like the Left & Right structure that clearly separates the operation area and the printing area, the operation of the printer is easier than ever. With extensible functions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RFID. The EM series is up to task for handling all situations with ease.

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The Postek EM 210 series is manufactured with durable printhead and industrial grade components, making the printout a delightful sight to see.

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