Throughout our product development, The idea behind Postek G Series has never wavered: to craft the ultimate desktop experience with industrial features and performance. Introducing the new Postek G Series RFID printer, the advanced UHF RFID technologies are integrated into the compact structural design, but it supports industrial and exceptional performance of the machine.

Inheriting from our pursuit of excellence, and with the integration of advanced UHF RFID Encoding & Printing technologies, the new Postek G Series RFID printer carry out tasks with great consistency and speed throughout its performance, bring the efficient and precise print solution for your demand. This time, we made a great step forward. The new Postek G series RFID printer will provide excellent printing experience to you.

Reads and writes to UHF RFID tags precisely, the minimum space allowed between inlays comes down to 12mm, which is found to be the smallest in the market and no other printers are capable of. Reading/Writing after printing, helps you to recognize every single
bad label. Correctly finds the antenna position and the optimum writing position by just one button press.

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