POSTEK G2000 / G3000 / G6000

The innovative left-right structure, one-piece internal frame and the patented convective heat transfer forged a highly reliable Postek G2000/ G3000 / G6000 industrial model that is capable of stand-alone performance with a 4-line graphic LCD display. These printers carry all the advantages of conventional industri- al thermal transfer printers plus the added advantage of significant space and cost savings.

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Standalone printing, with the 4-line graphical LCD display, all printer status is clearly demonstrated. One-piece chassis, strengthened in every side, providing high quality and reliability.

Left & Right structure design, completely separated the central control system from the operational area, making it much easier to operate and maintain. National patented “Convective Heat Transfer” technology always ensures a cool working temperature, even when printing 7×24.

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