The innovative structural design and utility functions of RFID printing technologies make the Postek TXr RFID Series printer an outstanding choice for RFID printing solutions, allowing great productivity and convenience increase for various UHF RFID printing needs.

Original RFID antenna technique that’s Reading/Writing RFID tags after printing, helps you to recognize every single bad label, which provides a reliable solution for automatic sorting process or system. And it offers high compatibility, brilliant print quality in a variety of tags with a minimum inlay space of 12mm or attachable to metal objects that refers to RFID anti-metal tags, which can cover a broad range of printing needs and helps your business save on related cost.

Enable the antenna to precisely detect tag and optimum writing position that can read and write RFID tags with the minimum inlay space of 12mm, as well as support RFID anti- metal tags’ R/W and printing, which brings great compatibility to various applications and solutions. Correctly finds the antenna position and the optimum writing position for RFID tags by just one button press.

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