Warehouse Management Solutions

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Our Warehouse solution will help in streamlining each warehouse process and provide procedures to track items, manage physical storage, packing, accounting and dispatch of items. Our system assists users in picking, replenishment, and put away of items identified and tracked by an automated data collection system, i.e. barcodes and scanners.

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The automation of these operations eliminates paperwork, maximize efficiency and reduces time consumption and effort.  Managing the warehouse efficiently & increasing the productivity of the resources leads to cost saving and smooth internal operations.

The functionality of the solution involves the following:

  • Batch level Identification is done by Barcoding each SKU
  • Barcoding of each location and smart division of the warehouse space for error free tracking of the material
  • Manual filling up of reports are replaced by Barcode Scanning
  • Material tracking during inward movement i.e. receiving & put away and outward movement i.e. picking & dispatch
  • Stock level management using LIFO or FIFO, or any other practice used within the company
  • Physically counting and manual entry is removed by Cycle Counts using our technology
  • Re-Order Auto alerts for items nearing stock outs

Warehouse Management