• Most economical Barcode Printer in its category
  • Sturdier product
  • It’s unique features makes it valuable
  • Easy operations
  • Provides complete peace of mind


  • Help increase bottom line
  • No competition for the brand
  • Saves your service time & resource
  • Boosts confidence of marketing staff
  • Postek is a proven product already



Q1 : What about Postek as Company?

Ans :Postek Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 at Shenzhen, South China. Focused on Barcode /Label Printers. Secured dozens of patents for innovative & exquisite Printer design. Recognized , globally, for product durability, quality and creditability. Postek’s US Office is situated in Florida.

Q2 : Is Postek a dependable product ?

Ans : BBSPL had been importing and selling Postek Printers, directly to end users, for over 4 years.When it was established , beyond doubt ,that product is really sturdy & proven , BBSPL decided to switch over to Distribution, through pan India Partners.

Q3 : Can BBSPL sustain its operations for long ?

Ans : Of course yes. BBSPL have been investing time, money, energy & resources on Postek, for over 4 years and have Agreement as Exclusive Sole Partner of Postek in India for next 5 years. After that,BBSPL reserve first right for its renewal for next term & local assembly. BBSPL , apart from India , also hold Exclusive Sole Distribution rights for Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Nepal.

Q4 : Will BBSPL maintain proper stock of Printers and it’s spare parts ?

Ans : Of course yes. All running SKUs-203 & 300 dpi, Printers would always be available in ample volume at Delhi/Sahibabad Warehouses. All crucial spare parts like TPH, motherboard, platen roller, power adaptor, Ethernet port, media sensor, label guide etc, are always available in ready stock.

Q5 : What is product delivery process ?

Ans : All Delhi/NCR Partners can collect from Delhi/Sahibabad Warehouses. Partners , outside Delhi/NCR , are serviced by Courier of their choice, on freight charge/collect basis. Normally consignment is sent by Surface, unless asked for by Air.

Q6 : Can we replace all other brands of Printers with Postek ?

Ans : Yes we can. You don’t have to remake existing label formats again, as we also provide Bartender 10.1, which is being provided by all other brands. Using same software , existing label formats can be directly printed by Postek.

Q7 : What all Postek models are available in India ?

Ans : We have Entry Level model C168 in 203 & 300 dpi and Industrial models G2000 (203 dpi) & G3000 (300 dpi) , always available in ready stock. The G6000 (600dpi) demo Printer is also available, but bulk qty would be imported back to back.

Q8 :What all models are available with Postek ?

Ans : Postek carries complete range of Printers i.e. Portable, Desktop , Industrial( 4”, 6”, 8”) RFID, DT & TT, in various models. At present we have got 5 models BIS approved, which would cater to our 80% of needs. All other models would be introduced in India in due course.

Q9 :Which material can be printer by Postek printers ?

Ans : Almost every thermal printable media can be printed by Postek Barcode / Label Printers i.e. coated/glued stock, non glued/thick tag up to 300 GSM, polyester, UDV, taffeta, satin, etc.

Q 10 :What makes Postek different from other brands ?

Ans : Some unique features set Postek apart from other brands:
-Free external mount
-Free lifetime license for ODBC connectivity
-World’s strongest TPH ensures min 1.5 times more mileage
-Printer warranty 3 years and on TPH 1 year

Q 11 :Any specific technical training required to maintain Postek printers ?

Ans : Not at all. A Partner who is currently managing any other brand of printer, can easily manage Postek as well. However, if technician can either come to Delhi or interact with our trained staff for a day, it would be advantageous. Technical Videos are also available on BBSPL YouTube Channel.

Q 12 :What about service support during Warranty period ?

Ans : We expect our Partners to manage day to day issues directly. When any part needs repair by us or replacement, Partner would send it to us at their cost. We would repair or replace and send it back to Partner, at our cost. However all repairs during Warranty are provided free of charge.

Q 13 :What about service support after Warranty period ?

Ans : We expect our Partners to manage maximum possible issues either on call basis or through AMC directly with end user. When any part needs repair by us or replacement, Partner would send it to us at their cost. We would repair or replace and send it back to Partner, at our cost. However all repairs after Warranty are on charge basis, for which advance estimate would be sent to Partner.

Q 14 :What about credit facility to Partners ?

Ans : Initially (first 3 months) we expect to transact on advance NEFT basis. Thereafter , we can discuss about credit period, subject to volumes. But all credits would be provided against PDCs sent to us along-with orders.

Q 15 :Would BBSPL market to end user directly ?

Ans : BBSPL shall not be selling direct to end users , except for large Corporate , already being serviced presently.

Q 16 :What marketing support BBSPL would provide to Partners ?

Ans : BBSPL advertises on all popular portals like Justdial, Indiamart, Tradeindia, etc and also participates in all major tradeshows like PackPlus, Logistics Show, Label Expo, etc. All enquiries of respective area, would be forwarded to Partner to move forward.

Q 17 :What additional benefits would Partners get from BBSPL ?

Ans : BBSPL also provides solutions in the field of RFID and DPM. If any partner forwards such query, BBSPL would close and execute that, keeping financial interest for the Partner.

Q 18 :How easy it is to train an engineer or end user ?

Ans : It’s very easy. Many useful videos are made available on BBSPL’s YouTube channel like:
-How to load label roll
-How to load ribbon
-How to change print head
-What all is available in Printer’s box
-How to design a label
-How to use ODBC connectivity feature, etc.

Q 19 : How economical is Postek’s PH ?

Ans : Considering it’s higher mileage, Postek Printer’s Print-head is very much economical.

Q 20: Would BBSPL give demo printer to partners on special price ?

Ans : Yes, but only one Printer to every Partner , on almost cost to cost basis.